Layton Boat Tours Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the average length of a tour that people schedule?

A. The most popular tour lengths are the 2-hour tours and 3-hour tours.

Q. How do you pay?

A. To reserve a tour, payment will be taken in full amount over the phone. We also accept Venmo. Please note that you cannot reserve a tour without full payment at the time of booking.

Q. Can I pay cash when I get to the dock instead?

A. To reserve a boat tour, you will still need to pay over the phone or with Venmo. If you would prefer to pay in cash, bring the exact cash amount to the tour and Captain Zack can reimburse your credit card purchase once we receive your cash payment.

Q. Do you have walk-up bookings and payment?

Yes, we do allow walk-up bookings and payment, but you will not be able to reserve a tour in advance. However, Layton Tours cannot guarantee that there will be walk-up availability. When pre-booking, you must pay at the time of booking. You cannot reserve a tour over the phone and pay upon arrival. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Q. What if we decide we want to stay out longer than our reserved time?

A. Talk to captains Zack and Greg. If there is time available, you will be able to pay to extend your tour for as long as you would like/as long as our schedule permits.

Q. How can I check availability?

A. Please call Captain Zack at (518) 791-3610 and he will be able to tell you available times and dates. If I do not pick up on the first call, please leave me a voicemail with your name and number or send me a text! I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Q. How many people can we bring?

A. The max capacity is currently 6 passengers (in addition to the two captains).

Q. Is smoking allowed on the boat?

A. No smoking/vaping of any substance will be permitted during the tours

Q. What about pets?

A. We respectfully ask that no pets come aboard on our boat. If necessary, only service animals with proper documentation will be allowed on the boat. Unfortunately, no emotional support animals will be allowed on the boat at this time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Q. Are children allowed?

A. Yes! We also have life preservers rated for 50lbs and up (children under 12 years of age have to wear life jackets) . If the child is 50 pounds of less, you must provide your own life preserver for them.

Q. Does your boat operate in the rain?

A. We do operate in LIGHT rain as the boat has a covered seating area. Some people even find the light rain enjoyable while out on the water. However, the captain can decide at any time to cancel due to conditions.

Q. What are your cancellation and inclement weather policies?

A. Cancelations with a 72-hour notice will result in no charge. Canceling your reservation after the 72-hour window will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of your tour rate as we have already committed the boat and captain and most likely have turned down other clients for that time slot.

Layton Tours has the right to cancel the reservation due to inclement weather or any other reason. If this occurs, you may reschedule or receive a full refund. If the tour is called for inclement weather when the tour is over the halfway mark, you will be eligible to reschedule half of the booked tours length or receive a 50% refund.

Weather cancellations are determined only by the captains of Layton Tours. Weather must be inclement at our location at your specific scheduled time. No exceptions. We are very reasonable people and are not interested in going out during rainy days either. Thank you for understanding our policy.

Q. Where does the tour start/end?

A. At Tea Island Resort, The Inn at Erlowest, or Sun Castle Resort (depending on where you are staying). Just go down to the docks on the property and please wait patiently for the captain to come assist you to the boat.

Q. What time should we arrive?

A. Please plan to be 5-10 minutes early prior to the start of the tour. That way we can assure everyone and all of your belongings are on the boat without having to cut into your reserved tour time.

Q. Do you provide food and drink?

A. We do not provide any food or drink. You may bring any food and drinks you want. We just ask that you bring no red-colored liquids. (Red stains on the boat’s carpet are very difficult to get out!)

Q. Can I play my own music onboard?

A. Yes, we have a Bluetooth connected stereo system that can sync to your phone and play your choice of music.

Q. Who are my captains?

A. Captains Zack and Greg are experienced boaters who are very knowledgeable of the Lake. They will be able to keep you safe throughout the tour and help you enjoy your time out on the Queen of American Lakes.

Q. What is the behavioral code of conduct?

A. You are responsible for staying under control and abiding by our behavioral agreement. If the captains determine your behavior is inappropriate, you will be removed from the tour without refund and appropriate measures will be taken (if necessary).

Q. If there a bathroom on board?

A. There is not a bathroom on board the boat. Please make sure you alert your captain if you need to use the restroom and we can bring you back to your resort.